750 12th Street, Lot #85
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
        (772) 562-6446

Other Pool Pictures

The Community has one pool which is located immediately behind the clubhouse has been completely remodeled in 2008.  The pool is approximately 20 X 40 ft.  with depths ranging between 3 to 6 feet. It is surrounded by a large brick paver deck area which is approximately 1200 sq. ft., for a capacity of 150 people.  It is heated and has the capacity of approximately 60 people.  The pool hours are from dawn to dust. 



The laundry facility is approximately 21 X  27 ft., and has 6 washers and 2 dryers.  Adjacent to the laundry building is a large open field with clotheslines for open air drying of laundry.  Each line is approximately 30 ft. long.


Club House

The clubhouse is located in the center of the Community.  It has one main room  approximately 2460 square feet with a capacity of 150 people.  The clubhouse has a full kitchen and a stage.  There are also bathrooms which serve the adjacent pool area along with the clubhouse.  The clubhouse has central heating and air condition and is open day and night for the purpose of any recreational activities taking place in the Community.



The community has five newly refinished courts that see activity daily.  Both ends of the courts are sheltered areas where the players can sit in the comfort of the shade. 




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